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Wed Aug 16

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Well I have been extremely busy in the world of WEBCAM :)  WOW!   The things I have seen the last few days - I really thought I had seen it all.   You guys are very creative!  I can honestly say its gotten my creativity going too :)  

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Tuesday July 18 at 9:30pm

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Had a relaxing but productive day cleaning the house and getting some things off my to do list. 

Had a wonderful, wonderful client - enjoyed him from the moment he walked in.  He was even a joy to talk to on the phone - funny, engaging :)  easy on the eyes too! Nice crisp button up!   Brought me a sweet gift too!  I've been SO lucky in New Orleans!  This was the 5th person I've met here since arriving July 2nd and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone.   I really am a lucky girl - and I'm glad I've been particular with who I spend time.... it's paid off in happy memories :) 

oh! Oh! And I got to use my selfy stick!  It's great!  Stop laughing!  :)  I took 30 pics of my own ass today !  Ok none turned out well but I'm still practicing lol

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Sunday July 16th 6:17pm

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What a fun day!! I walked around the French Quarter today in New Orleans. I just love checking out all the small shops and boutiques and especially the cool art stores. One large art shop had all kinds of vintage records and cool furniture. Then I had some oysters Rockefeller and a vodka tonic at a place on St. Peter Street. I bought some chocolates at a shop on Chatres St. and bought some books at a cute old bookstore on Decatur St. Now after a long day of walking in the hot sun its time to curl up in bed with one of my new books.

Ive decided my new destination when I leave New Orleans. Im heading north to Memphis Tennessee!! Im going to see Graceland!! :)

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Friday 3:30pm

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Got caught in the rain - having a beer in Harahan :)

i will be doing TWITTER specials this weekend.   Follow me at SexyMilesAway    Note :  you need to get screening over with now - don't wait til last second to get screened.  I don't take chances and I screen every client :)    Super super super low volume provider.    I've only 3 gentlemen in Nola since July  2 :)   Will you be one of the few lucky ones? 

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